Amy + Chip at The Oceanview of Nahant

Don’t you just love the opening sequence of shots at the start of a good movie? We were really excited to be able to bring that into this little film for Amy & Chip. Amy was a fun, light-hearted bride that brought out the best in Chip. The day couldn’t have been more beautiful and we had fun doing what we do to make it last for them. So take a peek at their day. We know many of you will watch our films to get ideas for your own wedding. So go ahead and binge. If you aren’t already following us on facebook, click over. Our films have been hitting facebook first recently.

Here are some of the professionals who helped Amy & Chip have an amazing day:

Venue, Catering & Photobooth: Oceanview of Nahant

Hair: Lisa from Camachomakeup

Makeup: Adam Camacho from Camachomakeup (a badass dude who does makeup – really really well! – LOVE that! Ladies, he even has a blog where he posts makeup tips! Seriously…check him out!

Where the Bride got ready: Hilton @ Logan Airport

Flourist: Bloom Couture

Cake: D’Amici’s (with locations in Lynn, Reading and Melrose)

Limo: LTI Limo

Jeweler: Kay Jewelers


Deanne + John at Willowdale Estate

It is perfect! You have me laughing and crying and laughing again! You absolutely captured every beautiful, funny, and cherished moment! Thank you again to you and your beautiful bride!! ” – Deanne

Here’s another Willowdale wedding, and we don’t have to say why we love them so much (read our last post if you want the dish on them).  Deanne and John were so much fun and their day was quite unique. From having Grandpa marry them – to how they met – to having Rene Rancourt (Bruins singer) crash their reception and sing the national anthem!

Yes, they are going to be #legendary! They already are in so many ways. Deanne and John, we love you! Thanks for letting us film and share your #awesomeweddingday 😀

We love to mention the other professionals who were at the wedding because teamwork is the name of the game when it comes to such a big day in your life. Here they are:

Location all day & Caterer: Willowdale Estate

Photographer: The awesomely talented and super-nice Sarah Phillips

Hair: Jessica from Bella Hair Studio

Makeup: Alexandra Dale

Florist: Stephanie’s Floral Design

Band: Big Party Orchestra

Cake: Topsfield Bakery

Limo: McGinns

Rings: Brag


Doug + Alison at Willowdale Estate

I just watched the wedding video and it is absolutely perfect! Thank you so so much! I loved reliving our wedding day- it was magical.  We will treasure this forever! We are beyond grateful.”  -Alison and Doug

Willowdale knows how to put on a wedding! It is the perfect setting for a stunning film and pictures. Your guests will feel taken care of and pampered by the food, the drink and the setting. We say this again and again, but their staff is second to none. So much is going on during such a significant day, and with everything in one spot, it lifts away concerns you might otherwise have.

Real families going through real transitions – letting go of their not so little ones – and fully embracing new (welcomed) members at the same time. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. Will it prepare us for going through the same thing in several years with our own children? Perhaps, and perhaps not – but what an honor to be a part of this for these precious families. What a great job we have! Makes me want to lift a glass right now and toast them – but it’s too early in the day for that. Congratulations Alison and Douglas! It will be a joy to watch your family grow!

Here are the other professionals that were a part of their day:

Caterer: Willowdale

Justice of the Peace: Roberta Black

Hair (Bridesmaids only): Andrea Taveres

Makeup: Courtney A. Doyle

Florist: Karla Cassidy Designs (Love their work!)

DJ: Crackerjack Entertainment

Cake: Topsfield Bakery & Whoopi Wagonnt

Limo: Ludwigs Limousine

Jeweler: Yuval Braverman – J&J Zaidman



Carrie + Justin at the Seacoast Science Center

Justin and Carrie (and their dog Zoe) are all about other people and focused on being a good friend to them. Their film reflects this and features the people that take up space in their hearts. They couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful day, and the location for the ceremony and reception has been a favorite of the Powers Family since our children were old enough to go tidepooling. Even the seagulls were cooperating with us as we shot the details they had created. We were especially blown away by the caterer. Some of their tapas was more like sushi. Okay…yes…I had a sample (well, they offered and this was NOT the kind of offer you can pass up).

Some filmmakers and photographers specialize in certain kinds of weddings. That is what makes them unique from others. We are not trying to attract a “certain kind” of client. We aim to serve all of our clients by creating a film that really shows people (even those who don’t personally know the couple) who they are. That is one of the things our clients like best about us when they get their film.

Here is a list of the professionals we had the priviledge to work alongside:

Caterer: Chill Catering

Hair & Makeup: Andrea Lemelin

Florist: Carrie grew the sunflowers in her own yard; they are her favorite!

DJ: Greg Sowa

Jeweler: Summerwind Jewelers

Photographer: Kerri Lavertu



Meg + John’s Coastal Maine Wedding

They grabbed a bunch of their spirited friends and rented some breathtaking property in Maine to have a big long celebration that would culminate in a wedding. This is how the next chapter in Meg and John’s life together would begin. Overlook at the Point is a ruggely handsome piece of land with a great big house at the top of it’s granite peake. A tent was brought in, and Meg and her best girls set to working their DIY magic in flowers. They guys got ready just down the road in another rented house with a private beach where we filmed the two playfully chasing each other and being their carefree, silly selves. It’s a tough job…but SOMEbody had to do it 😉

Here are some of the other professionals they pulled together to help bring this party to fruition:

Caterer: Bread and Butter Catering Co. (They were amazing, friendly and ohhhh the food!!! Book them!)

Cake: Landry’s Confections

Photographer: Rachel Buckley

Hair: Katie Bouchard andl Ashley Mandel

Makeup: Vanessa McKenney

Flowers came from: Broadturn Farm

Jeweler: D Cole