Christine + Brooke – A teaser trailer

They say that laughter is an important ingredient to a happy marriage. We have found this to be true, and seeing so much easy-going laughter between Christine and Brooke, these two seem to have plenty of this basic element to last them a lifetime. They just “get” each other. At the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want?

I’ll be honest, sometimes when we are hired to film a wedding, either the Bride or the Groom isn’t initially thrilled that we are going to be there. This was the case with Brooke. He didn’t like that Christine had brought us on. He wasn’t “on board” with having video for his wedding, but he went along with it since she really wanted it. Once we arrived, however, Brooke quickly became comfortable with our presence. In fact, he was so glad we were there to capture the pleasant memories they were making and being creative about how that was to be done. By the end of the day, having felt that we were unobtrusive and personable he had nothing but compliments for us.

As far as the location, the York Harbor Reading Room is such a great place to have a wedding! The staff warmly welcomed us, showed us around and made sure that we had all the information we would need. Located right on the Atlantic Ocean, we really enjoyed filming at this unique Maine venue. We tried out a new filming tecnique that day inside the reception room that we are pleased with. I would have to say, though, that the releasing of lanterns was our favorite memory from this day. Our off-camera light (we never use on-cam. lights) came in VERY handy when the Bride, Groom and their guests took an incredibly long walk along a cliff in the dark to get to the beach where the lighting and releasing would take place. The way the light of the lanters lit up everyone’s faces was great, and as you can see in the closing shot of this trailer, the design they created in the sky was exquisite.

Special thanks to Patrick McNamara (the photographer that Christine and Brooke had hired) for recommending us to the two of them. We always enjoy working with Patrick. His calm professionalism puts even the most anxious bride at ease (not that this was Christine’s state), and his photographs speak for themselves! Click on the link below to see his work. We also want to thank Ron Risman for filling in for Nikki so that she could travel to Indiana to see her Niece graduate. Summertime events like these are often a casualty of our busy wedding schedule.

Other professionals we worked with at this wedding were:

Photographer: Patrick McNamara

Venue/Caterer: York Harbor Reading Room

Florist: York Flower Shop

BB Pie: Pie in the Sky

Additional Desserts: Kate’s Designer Delights (she made cupcakes, whoopie pies & mini eclairs)

Hair: Shelley  Chesson

Makeup: Tiffany Blakney of Polished Spa

Band: Winiker Brothers

Other Musicians: New England String Quartet

Jeweler (engagement ring): Small Pleasures

(wedding rings): E.B. Horn