Charlie + Maggie at The Mansion on Turner Hill

“I wondered on occasion about the man who would meet us on the end of that walk.”

Speaking as a father of two young daughters myself, these words really resonated with me that day because that very thing crosses my mind as well. The gravity of THAT moment is a powerful force and I’m particularly sensitive to it when I witness it, especially when the closeness of father and daughter is as palpable as it was between Maggie and her dad. Nikki and I are so blessed to be able to not only witness this, and moments like them, but to know they’ll be preserved forever. This was our first time filming at The Mansion on Turner Hill and both of us were immediately overwhelmed by the beauty of this location. We hope this film reflects how the beauty of the location and the love Maggie and Charlie shared were a perfect match. Thanks for watching! Enjoy!

Bryan + Nikki 🙂