Meg & Joe

We are always touched by love stories, but especially by those (like this one) where faith in Christ is truly at the center of how it began and is reflected in the wedding day. We share that same kind of faith, and have seen the benefit of it to our own marriage (September will be our 21st Anniversary).

We so believe in the power of film. It goes beyond the aesthetic beauty in the details of the day. Film holds the power to immerse the viewer in a moment (personally experienced, or not). Often, our couples are not completely experiencing their wedding day as it is happening. Being (necessarily) the center of attention, it is too much to take it all in, and there are moments when nerves often drown out some of what is happening around them, or what is being said to them. We know that Meg & Joe will be able to go back to their day at least once a year and hear again the powerful message that was given by their pastor. If they feel off center one year when they sit down to watch – this message has the ability to realign them to their maritalĀ  “plumb line”. I am sure that most of our couples don’t even realize how huge that aspect of their film will be for them decades down the road.

Meg and Joe, it was a pleasure making this film for you, and we wish you two many joyful blessings as you travel the rest of your journey in life together!

The other professionals who helped to make Meg & Joe’s wedding day vision a reality were:

  • DJ: Nuimage (Rick Bettencourt) Really enjoyed working with this specific DJ from Nuimage! Request him personally if you are looking for a DJ; he was great!
  • Cake: Joe’s MOM!!!! Can you believe that? We were SO IMPRESSED!!!