Meg + John’s Coastal Maine Wedding

They grabbed a bunch of their spirited friends and rented some breathtaking property in Maine to have a big long celebration that would culminate in a wedding. This is how the next chapter in Meg and John’s life together would begin. Overlook at the Point is a ruggely handsome piece of land with a great big house at the top of it’s granite peake. A tent was brought in, and Meg and her best girls set to working their DIY magic in flowers. They guys got ready just down the road in another rented house with a private beach where we filmed the two playfully chasing each other and being their carefree, silly selves. It’s a tough job…but SOMEbody had to do it 😉

Here are some of the other professionals they pulled together to help bring this party to fruition:

Caterer: Bread and Butter Catering Co. (They were amazing, friendly and ohhhh the food!!! Book them!)

Cake: Landry’s Confections

Photographer: Rachel Buckley

Hair: Katie Bouchard andl Ashley Mandel

Makeup: Vanessa McKenney

Flowers came from: Broadturn Farm

Jeweler: D Cole