Meghan + Collin Highlights Film

We’re really excited to share Meghan and Collin’s highlight film. We are particularly touched by how it came to be that we were able to document such and incredible event. As you may or may not know, professional video is not a priority for most weddings. For a few , it’s the preconception that a wedding film is necessarily boring and won’t get watched but once or twice. For many, the budget gets swallowed up before a video is even considered. Whatever the case may be, we pretty consistently hear that it was the biggest regret for those that didn’t get one. Enter Meghan and Collin’s bridal party. Benjy and Katie, having had us film their wedding, were (together with the rest of the bridal party) inspired to give a hindsight wedding film as a gift to them. We are humbled and amazed by the powerful testimony this is for what we do. We can’t even imagine how valuable the reminder of this day will be for their marriage decades from now. Great idea. Great couple. Thanks for watching! Please share with anyone you know who doesn’t have a wedding film on their checklist.

Here are some of the professionals who made magic as well:

  • Cake: Sister of groom, Rachel Kilpatrick (this cake was simple and beautiful; good job Rachel!)