Sarah + Dave at Willowdale

You need to remember what your family and your friends say at your wedding. When they give their amazing, insightful, and encouraging toasts – you WILL want to relive this. You NEED to relive this. And you WILL forget if you don’t have it filmed professionally. These people know you, love you and see things about the two of you – and they will share this with everyone so that all can appreciate how very significant and special this day is. It will not happen again. The longer we do this, we are glad to see that more and more people get that.

Our clients are saavy and discerning. They know what good filmmaking looks like. They often tell us how many videographers’ work they have looked at. It’s important to them to spend their hard-earned money on a well-produced film that really tells a story. Often , our clients tell us that when they look at some wedding videos, they feel detached from the couples. When they see our films, they confess to crying , even though they don’t know them personally. That’s because the story-telling allows you to get to know our couples. We rule. Others drool. -mic  drop-  JK 😉  Enjoy! Bryan + Nikki

Photographer: Shannon Cronin

Florist: Karla Cassidy Designs

DJ/live music: C-Zone Entertainment

Limo: JB Livery

Jewler: DeScenza Diamonds

Photobooth: 617 Weddings