Stephanie + Kris at the LaBelle Winery in Amherst, NH

Stop  and think of all the things that lead up to a wedding day – not the things that have been planned to go on the reception tables or the flowers, cake or food – but the commitments of the heart and the laughter and grace that hold two people together. It is no wonder that a wedding day is filled with so many wonderful (and often wise) words, intense emotion and sometimes hilarity. This is the story of one couple – like no other – with an individual and shared past that has led up to this one uniquely wonderful carved out day. Am I being too dramatic…too flowery? I don’t think so. One might think that we grow tired of going through the “routine” of a wedding day, but we don’t. We seriously don’t. We have often said in our posts that each wedding is different. Though weddings may have similarities, no two has the same story. These stories need to be preserved. They deserve to be honored by being filmed properly. This goes beyond just having the pleasure of sharing a cool film clip with friends on facebook. Everyone (at some point in their marriage) needs to be reminded of how it was at the beginning – when they first took that grand committment. To remember the wise words, sentiment, and fun and then to pass that on to their lineage. We are passionate about this. One should seriously pause and reconsider before dismissing “video” as a “luxury” they can’t afford, or something that they will “never watch beyond once or twice”. In fact, Stephanie told us that she had to put a cap on how much she watched this highlights because it was ruining her makeup; lol. Check out Kris and Sephanie’s business that they run together – Northeast Detailing! How does the saying go? A couple that runs a business together – stays together? 🙂

Other professionals that took part in this wedding:

Venue: LaBelle Winery (You could have the entire wedding take place right here if you wanted to; that’s what Stephanie & Kris did.)
Catering: Fireside Catering (I can still remember how good their food tasted!!)

Photographer: Garone Photography

Hair: Eric Couture of Couture Hair by Eric (Check out his business on Facebook)

Makeup: Amber Chartier (here is the link to her personal facebook page)

Florist: Michelle DiBernardo (a friend of the Brides – she is starting her floral business…how do you think she did?!! :D)

DJ: Joey Bolduc Entertainment

Cake: Jacques Pastries (Oh…don’t you love those sexy cake shots?!)

Limo: Grace Limousine (Love the inside of that ride! You can feel the pre-wedding tension as you watch Stephanie riding over in the limo.)

Rings: Jared (Yes…he went to Jared’s)

Dress: Modern Bride